Gearbox overhaul

Our team of specialists (the TWK Team), with in total more than hundred years of experience, services every gearbox that you can think of.

  • inspection
  • maintenance
  • revision

Gearboxes can be found everywhere

A gearbox – also called reduction box or transmission box – reduces the speed of an electrical motor to a lower number of rotations per minute. This increases the torque. The gearbox forms the basis of many modern techniques and is therefore present in many companies, machines and applications.

Extended service life

As the gearbox begins to reach the end of its life, there is a greater risk of parts breaking. The wearage will also be higher. However, replacement is not always necessary. Revision is a good alternative. It prevents failure, extends the lifespan and makes investing in the purchase of a new gearbox redundant.

The Venus & de Waard TWK Team works from the location in Wormerveer for clients such as Forbo, Tata Steel and various shipping companies.